October 2011 Fellows Network Seminar

Participants in the 3-7 October 2011 workshop at Cobb Hill Cohousing represented six countries and the non-profit, business, and government sectors. Speakers included Beth Sawin and Phil Rice of Climate Interactive; Virginia Farley and colleagues of the Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park; Karabi Acharya of Ashoka Changemakers; and Jonathan Halperin of Designing Sustainability.

In photo: (top left) Elaine Kohrman, Trista Patterson, Virginia Farley, Michaelyn Bachhuber, Dominic Stucker, Maria Latumahina, Huma Beg, Karabi Acharya, Nirmala Nair, Edie Farwell, Carla Kimball; not pictured, partial participants: Tim Brown, Daniella Malin, Don Seville, Jed Davis, Lorie Loeb, Nancy Gabriel, and Natalie Starr.

The Planning Team included facilitators Edie Farwell and Dominic Stucker, and Fellows Karabi Acharya and Michael Dupee. This team designed the workshop to follow the path of our learning spiral, focusing a day each on reflection, vision, design, and action.

The purpose of our annual Fellows Network Seminars is to engage all four classes of Donella Meadows Leadership Fellows to nurture relationships across cohorts, sectors, and countries; learn from one another’s personal and professional efforts to bring about sustainability; reground in nature and place; articulate short- and long-term visions; engage in thematic discussion and action projects; and deepen and expand ways of working together between seminars such as peer coaching, joint projects and affinity groups.

A big reason why I come is to reconnect to purpose with other people doing the same work. Being “in community” with other people involved in efforts to support, build, and achieve sustainable visions is why I come. What an awesome group! I plan to participate in Fellows workshops as a long-term commitment. These experiences stick with me for a long time…. and I’m very grateful for that.Elaine Kohrman, Oregon, USA

After a year struggling with life and facing the world with pessimistic thinking, a space to reflect, envision, and engage with nature brought me back to find reason to keep doing what I have been doing. I feel regenerated. I came to the retreat feeling like the most miserable person in the world and I disembark with spirit and motivation to face the world.Maria Latumahina, Indonesia

Workshop organizers and participants are grateful to the community of Cobb Hill Cohousing, seeing it as a place for reflection and inspiration. As always, Fellows appreciated their host families and the kitchen team who continues to both serve delicious, local, and organic foods, as well as educate participants on the dynamics of food growing and transportation in their analysis of distance from farm to plate. We are also grateful to key donors, including the Morgan Family Foundation, the Flora Family Foundation, the Wilcox Family Foundation, and many individuals for ongoing support of our network in general and this gathering in particular.

Read the full Fellows Network Seminar Report, 2011. Download other workshop reports and SLN publications.

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