Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership

Dominic Stucker

Dominic Stucker speaking on youth engagement at conference in New Zealand, January 2011

Core Team member Dominic Stucker, in his former work with Earth Charter International and now volunteering on the Steering Committee for IUCN‘s Commission on Education and Communication, has (co)written several pieces on youth engagement and intergenerational partnership:

Dominic has also made successful efforts to change policy and practice for greater youth engagement and collaboration across generations within the IUCN, the world’s largest environment development network, through several strategic initiatives with other Commission members:

Dominic initiated and leads the CEC’s Young Professionals Leadership Team and has supported the formation of young professionals groups on other IUCN Commissions. He led an effort to appoint a young person to the IUCN Council – Grace Mwaura of Kenya – and is forming a cross-Commission Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability. Learn more.

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