Article on the Art of Sustainability in SoL Reflections Journal

Dominic Stucker and Johanna Bozuwa wrote an article highlighting Jay Mead‘s pioneering work in the “art of sustainability” for the Society for Organizational Learning‘s (SoL’s) Reflections Journal.  The abstract for the article “The Art of Sustainability: Creative Expression as a Tool for Social Change” summarizes:

Much of the work to date on sustainability has relied on intellectual arguments, reams of compiled data, and complex charts and graphs. These tools are essential for developing an accurate understanding of social and ecological trends, but they often fail to engage people’s emotions. Artist Jay Mead uses several different media, including creations made from found objects, shadow puppet shows, and giant puppetry, to help people connect with nature and tap into their personal visions of a more sustainable future. According to Mead, by stimulating the right side of the brain, this kind of “heartwork” leads to an intuitive understanding of systems and new approaches to entrenched dilemmas. While our current socio-environmental challenges can be daunting, Mead finds that creating art in a group sparks a sense of hope as people concentrate on taking tangible action together.

The article is strongly based on the work that Jay has conducted with Fellows and includes commentaries by Andrea Athanas, Amba Jamir, and Newey Kraiwatnutsorn.  Download and read the article and commentaries here.  Or, with SoL membership, access the full journal.

Learn more about Jay’s work on his website.

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