Featured Fellow Sarah K. Khan: Future of Food

SKKhan Bamako Mali 2012

Sarah K. Khan in Bamako, Mali, 2012

Edited by Taylor Knoop, Sustainability Leaders Network Intern

Sarah K. Khan talks about the future of food by understanding the past. She researches, writes abouts, and documents the migration of people, plants, cultures and ideas. Sarah uses multimedia tools — words, audio, photographs and video — to express her stories. All her published popular, academic and multimedia works are available at www.sarahkkhan.com.

Drawing on her extensive global experience, Sarah has been writing and producing multimedia for The Christensen Fund and Zester Daily. Recent projects focus on food culture: the biocultural diversity of acorn cultivation in California (two-part series), the origins of coffee and coffee culture in Ethiopia and their subsequent migration around the world (three-part series), and, coming soon, the biocultural diversity of apricots in Central Asia and corn cultures of the Americas. Here is an example of a recent class Sarah co-taught with Sonya Clark on the Science of Taste, Food, Art and the Senses at University of Wisconsin – Madison, April 2013:

Sarah has lived and researched in South Asia, China, North and West Africa, Palestine, Europe, and the USA and speaks multiple languages. She has formal training in Ayurveda and Hatha yoga education, and teaches about food, culture, migration and stories. Her research is grounded in academic and community training in public health, nutrition, ethnography, plant sciences, ethnobotany and clinical research methodologies.

As a Donella Meadows Leadership Fellow, Sarah is connected with an invaluable community of peers who have inspired her to rethink and expand her work into more social and multimedia domains. Through discussion and coaching with other Fellows, she realized that her work needed to be more relevant to mainstream culture to have a larger impact. Journalism became a top priority, sharing her stories among a broad spectrum of individuals, communities, and organizations.

Sarah is available to deliver multimedia undergraduate, graduate, or community lectures on the following topics:

  • Multimedia stories of diverse individuals and how they face rapid climate and environmental changes. Themes include food, culture, migration, and sustainability. 45-90 minutes.
  • Provocative and lively lecture/demonstration on “Mapping the Tongue: Taste and Memory.” Reconnect the senses to memory. 45-90 minutes.
  • A multimedia journey of The Tasting Cultures Foundation, which Sarah founded and directs, presenting the dynamic community projects that past “Meal By Meal” seed grantees have initiated. Grantees are a diverse, national group of artists who work on food and culture; an overview of the “Arts of Foodways Series” that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 45-60 minutes.

Learn more about The Tasting Cultures Foundation and read Sarah’s profile.

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