Biomimicry Curriculum Attracts World-wide Attention


By Huma Beg, Mill Valley, California, 2013

Sustainability Leaders Network created and piloted an open source, semester-long class Learning from Nature: A Course in Biomimicry. Since the curriculum and supporting materials were posted to our website on Earth Day in April 2013, educators and learners from across the United States and from Colombia, India, Latvia, Norway, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Sweden have taken interest.

In Colombia, for example, Viviana Mourra and Dolany Acuña of Ecoprogreso were inspired by the curriculum to initiate a youth-focused project on connecting people more closely with nature, specifically to local mangroves. See a full article.

We are also delighted that Alexina Thorén Williams, an educator at the Universeum in Sweden – Scandinavia’s largest public science education center – has offered to translate our biomimicry curriculum into Swedish. She will then use it to train teachers and run workshops for university students.

Coming full circle, the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute in Montana, from which we drew many biomimicry resources, praised the “care and thoroughness” of our curriculum and will be including it in a digital toolkit they are compiling for K-12 educators. These will be available through their Biomimicry Education Network.

Through applications like the project in Colombia, workshops at the Universeum in Sweden, and the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute’s website, we are hopeful that our curriculum will continue to be put to use by educators and learners in New England and around the world. Have a look for yourself!

We are  grateful to the donors who made our biomimicry work possible, including the Kalliopeia Foundation, the New England Environmental Education Association (NEEEA), and the Wellborn Ecology Fund at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF).

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