Aerial Forest Adventure Park: A Place to Learn and Grow

Lynn, Adventure Park photoFellow Lynn Stoddard and her husband created an aerial forest adventure park in northeast Connecticut, USA. Since 2012, they have been offering a safe and supportive natural environment for people to solve problems, experience team building, try and often accomplish new things and build self-confidence. The park offers a fun and healthy family environment and is a place where people can disconnect from technology and routine distractions to play in nature.

Lynn says that during the recent Donella Meadows Leadership Fellows Workshop, held in Vermont from October 2-5, 2015, she had time to share and reflect on the challenges and accomplishments of the past three years, and to set a vision for what comes next. She considers it a blessing to have such a beautiful place where people can learn and grow, and asks: “What are some of the amazing opportunities that we can build upon this foundation?” Her vision includes adding opportunities to help people connect more deeply with nature and appreciate the value of New England forests, to serve members of the community who are not likely to get to the park on their own, to foster creativity and art, to give back to the community, to support and empower other local businesses, to enrich and highlight the team building experience, to transform lives… Lynn sees each tree as symbolically and literally supporting this vision through strong roots, healthy growth, and branches reaching upwards to the sky.

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