Donella Meadows Fellows Network

Fellows Seminar, West Cornwall, Connecticut; photo courtesy of Clemens Kalischer (c) 2009

We convene and deepen the impact of a talented network of sustainability leaders from around the world who practice sustainability from a strong, integrated personal and professional foundation. Our Fellows are graduates of the Donella Meadows Leadership Fellows Program, originally established at the Sustainability Institute, now renamed the Donella Meadows Institute.

Fellows know – and we offer approaches and tools to reinforce – that life-sustaining change comes through shared vision and communities of diverse actors learning and working together. Search Fellows Profiles and view our Fellows World Map.

Deliberately diverse and closely-knit, our network consists of 80+ Fellows, colleagues and key partners from 16 countries around the world and 22 states in the USA. They work across sectors and issues areas, bringing as much representation of the full system into our conversations as possible. The network represents an array of fields, including renewable energy, climate, water, sustainable agriculture and land management, forestry, marine ecology, poverty eradication, social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, media for social change, philanthropy, indigenous rights, youth, and gender equity. By design, 80% of the Fellows are women. Learn about current projects on the Fellows Blog, read Fellows Publications and view Fellows Videos.

Our purpose is to expand the capacity of the Fellows and key partners to transform and align their personal and professional leadership roles, deepen relationships across sectors, countries and networks, and take action to realize sustainability visions for people, place, and planet. We strive to address social, economic, and environmental issues at their root causes, as taught by Donella Meadows, the original and ongoing inspiration for this work.

Through this program, Fellows report experiencing heightened clarity of vision and systems, and capacity to act effectively. Our aim is to help these leaders bring about the sustainability revolution from a place of learning, compassion, spirit, and courage. We see this transition to sustainability as a paradigm shift on par, as Donella Meadows said, with the agricultural and industrial revolutions, fundamentally changing the way we relate to one another and the Earth.

Selected Videos of Fellows
Produced by Colleen Bozuwa, the video below features excerpts from an Art of Sustainability workshop led by Jay Mead, in which Fellows created sculptures along a wooded riverbank and engaged in reflective discussion at Trinity Conference Center, Connecticut, 2010.

The video below, produced by Huma Beg and Dominic Stucker, is of a shadow puppet show by Jay Mead and Beth Sawin, that depicts a vision of a sustainable future in which climate change has been successfully addressed. Fellows performed the piece for a community audience at Cobb Hill, Vermont in 2009.

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