Fellows Videos


The following selected videos were produced by or about Fellows and the causes about which they feel passionately.

Sarah Khan kept very busy in 2016 with her project documenting in video and written word many of the migrant culinary traditions in Queens, New York. View the Queens Migrant Kitchens Intro video here and visit the project website.

Huma Beg’s award-winning documentary, Facing Veils and Walls, follows four women in four districts of Pakistan running for office. They are out to redefine empowerment and emancipation; to fight for democracy; and to fight against discrimination and segregation in a skewed, tyrannical, and morally bankrupt space. These are women of rare substance who are out to change the destiny of their societies for the better by simply being themselves and thus defining, with courage and valor, what it means to be a woman in a man’s world. They will stop at nothing to get beyond the walls and veils. Watch the trailer here:

Veils and Walls Trailer from serendipfilms on Vimeo.

Nirmala Nair was interviewed by reinsurance / insurance company Swiss Re through their Open Minds project regarding her views on development, change in the world, and engaging in new ways; the interview is entitled A New Way of Seeing the World, July 2013


Nicole Betancourt produced Influencers and Innovation with Efran Films for Huffington Post in April-June 2013, an 18-part short video series that “focuses on people who have made breakthrough innovations that effect our daily lives.”


Sarah K. Khan talks about the Science of Taste, Food, Art and the Senses at University of Wisconsin – Madison in April 2013


Fellow Tse-Sung Wu is leading GreenBioPharma at Genentech, a successful effort to reduce costs and benefit the environment in the research and development of medicines, February 2013


The BBC recently launched its new 10-episode series, the Power of Nature, highlighting the value of wilderness with stunning cinematography. Fellow Trista Patterson offers commentary in the episodes on the Himalayas, the Great Barrier Reef, the Antarctic Ocean, and Rivers in the Sky (the Amazon). View the first 4-minute clip, on the Himalayas, January 2013

Youth Voices at the Nature Olympics filmed at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea by the IUCN Media Team, with Dominic Stucker, September 2012

In his previous roles as Steering Committee member of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and Convener of the IUCN Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability, Dominic played a central role in organizing youth integration and contributions leading up to and during the Congress.


Podcast: Sarah K. Khan‘s Visit with Debra Roberts, Natural Beekeeper, Weaverville, NC, August 2012


TEDx talk, Getting Green Right: Vancouver’s Greenest City Goals as blue print for global sustainability, Chris Page, April 2012

Chris, Global Director of Energy and Sustainability Strategy at Yahoo! and Fulbright scholar in Canada, addresses how to call for behavior change for sustainability without driving away dinner party guests.


Forest House / Casita Bosque, María Suárez Toro, December 2011

With support from the local fishing community in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, Maria built her own ecological forest house.


In the Grip of Climate Change, produced by Huma Beg and Serendip Productions, December 2011

Huma produced this film for a Government of Pakistan side event at the Durban, South Africa UN climate negotiations, December 2011.


Susanne Moser is one of several scientists interviewed in the video In Harm’s Way, which accompanies the IPCC’s Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation, November 2011:


Valuing Ecosystems Services – A Systems Perspective, a presentation by Trista Patterson at the World Forum on Enterprise and Environment at Oxford University, United Kingdom in June 2011

Trista identifies key inconsistencies in our sustainability efforts and points to 10 potential leverage points for systems change.


Interview with Trista Patterson at the World Forum on Enterprise and Environment at Oxford University, United Kingdom in June 2011


After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffee Lands, produced by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters on work done my Michael Dupee and colleagues, May 2011


Sarah K. Khan interviews Frankie Lee Michael, a Native American Pecan Grower and Processor in Mississippi in 2011


Sarah Khan on The Tasting Cultures Foundation, produced by the Alumnae Association of Smith College, November 2010


Transforming Lives, produced by Huma Beg and Serendip Productions, November 2010

Huma produced this film while Managing Director of the Imran Khan Foundation. It is an update on the work that the Foundation has done through November in response to the floods in Pakistan.


Relief for Thatta, produced by Huma Beg and Serendip Productions, September 2010

As the plains of the Indus flooded, millions were forced to leave their homes and take refuge in the world’s largest necropolis Makli hills. This film is about their plight.


Floods in Pakistan: Relief for Utror, produced by Huma Beg and Serendip Productions, August 2010

This is a video of Huma’s on-the-ground flood relief efforts in Pakistan. The video includes great examples of systems analysis, calling for long term development that focuses on education, healthcare, and engaging the younger generations.


What Would Nature Do? a TEDx Talk in Homer, Alaska by Trista Patterson, 2010

Trista argues that principles found in nature, and human nature, can help us sustain global economies and ecosystems.


Climate of Hope, produced, with original music, by Marcelo Michelsohn, February 2010

Produced as part of a creative expression session led by Jay Mead. Dedicated to Luna and Regiana.


The Labyrinth of the Butterflies / El Laberinto de las Mariposas, produced by María Suárez Toro and Ailyn Morera Ugalde, 2007-2008

A trailer for a feminist theater piece. Learn more.