This collage, by Fellow Newey Kraiwatnutsorn, shows some of the youth she works with in Thailand.

At Sustainability Leaders Network, we believe that convening a range of stakeholders, representing diverse parts of the systems we seek to change, provides greatest insight into challenges and assists in identifying leverage points.

Our Donella Meadows Fellows Network is diverse by design, representing numerous countries and sectors. The Young Leaders that we are increasingly working with are high school to graduate school students, committed to a more sustainable world and engaged in a range of innovative projects. And, as our Farm Program develops, we anticipate having Farm Apprentices from the USA and around the world, learning about local, organic agriculture at Cedar Mountain Farm.

Our theory of change reflects this Margaret Mead quote:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. – Margaret Mead

In this spirit, we work on an in-depth level with small groups of people, deepening their relationships with one another, the Earth, and themselves. We are convinced that a strong personal foundation, relationship, and a commitment to learning are essential for bringing about the sustainability revolution.