Jerry Nagel working at Cedar Mountain Farm

Through our programs we seek to increase the leadership capacity of sustainability champions in service of a just, healthy, and life-sustaining world. Building on successes, we strive to bring more and more people into the sustainability movement, thus inspiring numbers, inspiration and action.

Our current programs and projects are:

•  Donella Meadows Leadership Fellows Network. We convene a talented network of sustainability leaders from around the world who practice sustainability from a strong, integrated personal and professional foundation. They know – and we offer approaches and tools to reinforce – that life-sustaining change comes through shared vision and communities of diverse actors learning and working together. All are graduates of the Donella Meadows Leadership Fellows Program.

•  Art of Sustainability. We offer workshops based on the conviction that creative problem solving is essential for addressing the many challenges we face in bringing about a sustainable future for people and planet. Art and creative expression stimulate the right side of the brain, and seek meaning, expansive possibilities, and the big picture. Those who engage in creative processing often experience a profound sense of new possibilities and are more effective in their work place.

•  Biomimicry. We have developed and piloted an open source, semester-long curriculum “Learning from Nature: A Course in Biomimicry” for high school, university and adult learners. Read more and download the free materials.

We also offer Services to the general public in an array of sustainability leadership practices and issue areas.