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Fellows Workshop and Project Reports
The following reports, written by Core Team members Edie Farwell and Dominic Stucker focus on Fellows workshops and projects, including an overview of activities, photos, quotes, participant feedback and ongoing work.


Edie Farwell, Dominic Stucker and Alex Bauermeister developed an open source, semester-long biomimicry curriculum for high school, university and adult learners. Read more and download the curriculum and materials here:


Art of Sustainability

  • Core Member Jay Mead painted and published the book A Little Farm Story in September 2010.  The book celebrates the hard work that goes into small family farms, acting as an intergenerational guide through the seasons of a year. The originals are painted on canvas pages 35” x 40”. A Little Farm Story has been featured in farm festivals, open mics, and elementary schools. Purchase A Little Farm Story for $15, including shipping.


Core Team member Stephen Leslie, who runs our Farmers Apprenticeship, has been writing articles, speeches, and a novel reflecting on life on the farm and the broader movement for local, sustainable agriculture.

  • Beautifully capturing the pull of a family farm, Stephen published a novel, The Gleaner, in June 2011. The Harvard Book Store writes: “Land is a character in this novel along with Vermont farm boy Danny Sweeney and the people he meets as he makes his way across the continent – Amish folk, migrant farm workers, Native Americans, rodeo cowboys, people who are living out their lives still connected to the working landscape amid the tectonic societal shifts of the 1960’s counterculture… More than a coming of age story, it is a paean to our lost heritage – our vital connection to land and working animals and to the earth itself.” Purchase The Gleaner for $15, plus shipping.


Core Team member Dominic Stucker has been making strategic efforts to promote youth engagement and intergenerational partnership for sustainability, especially within and through the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s largest environment-development network.  He volunteered on the Steering Committee for IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication and (co)authored the following pieces:

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