Sustainable Farming

Stephen Leslie touring Fellows at Cedar Mountain Farm

We work alongside Cedar Mountain Farm, run by core team member Stephen Leslie and Kerry Gewalt. They specialize in sustainable farming, with a particular emphasis on using draft horses.

In May of 2013, Stephen released a book titled “The New Horse-Powered Farm: Tools and Systems for the Small-Scale Sustainable Market Grower” published by Chelsea Green. The book has garnered attention from the New York Times as it contains a wealth of information regarding farming with horses.

Building on momentum from the book, Stephen wishes to continue to work with people who have like-minded intentions, including community and farming systems.

Stephen Leslie plows on a spring morning.

Stephen Leslie plows on a spring morning

Stephen aims to expand educational programs on the farm. In the future, we would like to host an in-depth apprenticeship for those interested in taking up sustainable farming as a livelihood, with a particular emphasis on learning to farm with draft horses. In addition, apprentices would engage with market gardening, dairy production, and community living. The time commitment can range from one season to two years.

  • Stephen Leslie’s passion for farming is also captured in his novel, “The Gleaner,” which follows a Vermont youth as he finds solace in working the land as he travels across the continent.
Heading back to the barn after a day's work.

Heading back to the barn after a day’s work

  • Jay Mead, who heads our Art of Sustainability program, used Cedar Mountain Farm as inspiration for his art book, “A Little Farm Story.”

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