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Cynthia Pansing

Changing Tastes Consultants, Principal

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Cynthia is a principal with Changing Tastes, a consulting firm based in the Washington DC metro area. The firm provides strategic planning, facilitation, research, organizational change guidance, network building, evaluation and fundraising support to nonprofit organizations, government agencies and businesses working on sustainable development issues in the USA and Canada. Over the course of her professional life, Cynthia has developed and assessed sustainable solutions in the areas of food systems, agriculture, energy, transportation, land use, air and water quality, community health and environmental justice. In so doing, she has worked with farmers, business associations, diverse community organizations, corporations, foundations, regional, state, national and international NGOs and government agencies, universities and other research institutions.

One of Cynthia’s past efforts was to provide strategic planning, facilitation and fundraising support to the Green Lands Blue Waters initiative, a consortium of land grant universities and nonprofit organizations in the Mississippi River Basin. The primary aim of this consortium is to promote the transition to a resilient, perennial agricultural system that strengthens ecosystem services and improves adaptive capacity of environmentally sensitive areas in the basin. Through her work with this group and others, Cynthia has drawn extensively on the thinking, analytic framework, tools and methods she learned as a Fellow. In one example, she developed a visioning and strategic planning framework and process to draw together and integrate the work of the consortium and its working groups. She later presented the results of this work to the National Academy of Sciences.

Cynthia holds BA and MA degrees in Anthropology and an MA in Urban Planning (dual concentrations in the Built and Natural Environments) from the University of California at Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in Science, the New York Times, National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Record and Raw Vision, among other publications.

Selected Publications
With colleagues at Changing Tastes and the Wallace Center at Winrock Internetional, Cynthia and Fellow John Fisk published three related resources on the North American Food Sector: Program Scan and Literature ReviewRoadmap for City Food Sector Innovation and Investment, and Roadmap Investment Evaluation Tool in July 2013. The publications accompanied a webinar on the same topic.

Updated August 2013.