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Evelyn Arce

Coastal Escape HMB, Founder

Half Moon Bay, California

A descendent of the Muisca people of Colombia, Evelyn  is the new Director of Philanthropic Partnerships at Native Conservancy, a native-led organization whose mission is to create resilient futures for Indigenous Peoples by revitalizing native culture, habitat, and spirituality.

She founded and ran the International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP), a donor affinity group dedicated to supporting Indigenous communities globally, for 15 years. Her work with IFIP created a network of funders, NGO’s and Indigenous Peoples was instrumental in leveraging hundreds of millions of dollars to the most marginalized communities of the world. She was one of the pioneers that led the charge for Indigenous led-philanthropy and helped to create several donor publications. Since 2013, she has served as chair of the Development Committee for Cultural Survival. She obtained her Master’s from Cornell University in Teaching and Agriculture Education. She founded the company, Coastal Escape HMB www.coastalescapehmb.com which specializes in strategic meetings with high tech companies. She is a founding member and President for Coastside Friendship Organic Gardens (c-Fog.org) whose mission is to create sustainable food practices and give access of healthy and organic foods to all. She lives in Half Moon Bay California with her husband and two children.


Selected Publications
Evelyn published A Grantmakers Guide and An Indigenous Peoples Resource Guide with colleagues at IFIP in 2011.

Updated March 2020.