Fellows Network

Jennifer Mayer

Ernst and Young Infrastructure Advisors, Senior Vice President

San Francisco, California

After nearly 17 years at the Federal Highway Administration, Jennifer has taken on the role of Senior Vice President with Ernst and Young Infrastructure Advisors. At the firm, she helps state and local governments solve their transportation financing challenges and evaluate public-private partnerships.

In her former Federal Highway Administration role, Jennifer conducted policy research and education on funding and financing of transportation projects, and provided technical assistance nationwide on public private partnerships and project finance. She was part of a new office established by the Federal Highway Administration to encourage innovative thinking and cultural change in the transportation infrastructure industry.

Jennifer uses systems thinking to develop a vision for a sustainable national transportation system, which delivers mobility, not just capital facilities. She also intends to draw on her experiences as a Fellow to improve skills that will help her implement that vision, including how to make it simple and compelling, and how to bring about culture change both internally and externally.

Updated August 2013.