Josephine Brennan

Josephine is a corporate sustainable investment strategist, sustainable business architect and founder of Sustainable Value Creation Ltd, a consultancy focused on supporting transformation of the global economy to within a safe operating space for humanity.

Josephine has over 15 years senior level international experience spanning sector development, project development and investment and Big-4 management consultancy, having developed large-scale renewable energy projects in Africa and advocated for frameworks for ecologically and socially sustainable biofuels sector development.

Josephine spent the earlier part of her career in Big-4 enterprise resource planning implementation. As a systems integrator, her economic wake up call came in 2001 on her MBA program when she realized the fundamental gap between the global economy and the planet. This led her to develop principles for Sustainable Value Creation as the foundational leadership, governance and strategic capacities needed in the boardroom to be able to take investment decisions, develop business models and proactively architect transformation towards an inclusive, sustainable future.

Updated March 2020.