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Karabi Acharya

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, Change Leader

Arlington, Virginia

Karabi has worked in the field of international health and development for over 15 years throughout Asia and Africa. Trained as a public health anthropologist, she wears several professional hats including researcher, evaluator, adult educator and technical expert. At Ashoka, Karabi is leading efforts to articulate the organization’s theory of change and metrics to assess progress.

Prior to Ashoka, she worked at the Academy for Educational Development and developed the SCALE process (System-wide Collaborative Action for Livelihoods and the Environment) which seeks to generate system-wide change by strengthening relationships among diverse stakeholders and generating social capital in a common issue area.

As a Fellow, Karabi often draws on visioning and systems diagrams, and feels empowered to take professional risks she would not have considered before. She credits the Fellows Network with helping her see that climate change is not just for environmentalists and with changing the way she approaches life in ways that are still unfolding.

Selected Publication
Karabi¬†wrote “Changemakers for Sustainability,” which focuses on both understanding and feeling systems to bring about significant change. She draws on her own Fellows experience of food and the farm at Cobb Hill, Vermont, emphasizing the importance of practicing love and friendship in the sustainability movement. The chapter appears in “Practicing Sustainability,” edited by Madhavan et al for Springer (2013).

Selected Video
What will you be in 2050?, a collaborative video featuring Fellows’ visions, October 2007

Directed by Nicole Betancourt and produced by Karabi Acharya. Mike Dupee provided original music and sound editing was done by Jackie Castellanos.

Updated January 2013.