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Maria Latumahina

Maria Latumahina

Climate Change Unit, UK Department for International Development, Independent Consultant

Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia

As a member of DFID’s Climate Change Unit, Maria is dedicated to advancing mulitstakeholder dialogue focused on the sustainable management of the tremendous natural resources found in Papua while improving the quality of life for the citizens of Indonesia’s poorest province. Although the Papauan culture reflects their close relationship with the environment and natural resources, the individual citizen is not the only member at the decision-making table.

Maria and her colleagues strive to bring all stakeholders (government, private sector, parliament, community and military) together to discuss and develop parameters for a definition of sustainable and equitable environment and natural resource management while balancing each individual groups’ interests and concerns. Some important points of focus include examining the incentives for the community to protect the environment, and the incentives for the military, the private sector and the government to collaborate. What legal, financial and political scenarios should be in place? Developing approaches to these questions is how Maria applies the skills she learned as a Fellow.

Currently, Maria is also working closely with Catharina Any Sulistyowati, her colleague Fellow, to establish a sustainability training center and community in the forests above Bandung. The center would be an example of how people can live a high quality of life while conserving the forest. Maria and Any want the community to be replicated by common people, not only by rich people, who have the money to buy land.

Updated April 2012.