Mary Roscoe

Mary coordinates the Children in Nature Collaborative in the San Francisco Bay Area, part of an international movement to increase equitable access to nature so that children– and natural places–can thrive.​

She currently works with local, national, and international grassroots leaders related to different aspects of network leadership. In this role, Mary has contributed to conferences, webinars, and resources related to network weaving and network mapping.

Mary seeks to apply systems and network thinking to bring clarity, imagination, and leadership to her work – a paradigm shift that changes how we live, work, and who we are.

As a co-founder of a Waldorf school in the Bay Area several years ago, she is still involved with Waldorf education and the mission of social change through the development of new social forms.


Selected Publication
Mary wrote an article for our blog entitled Awakening and Expanding our Conception of Leadership: Weaving Networks for Sustainability in August 2012.