Natalie Starr

Natalie has nearly thirty years of experience in sustainable materials management including twenty five years with DSM Environmental where she is a Principal. Natalie has worked to improve resource recovery, solid waste management and sanitation throughout the United States as well as in Albania, Bulgaria, South Africa, Tajikistan and Argentina.   Her projects have included: assessing the U.S. role in plastic discharges to the marine environment for the Ocean Conservancy; evaluating the true cost of recycling in New York City for the Natural Resources Defense Council; assessing extended producer responsibility for packaging in two states; performing market supply analyses for large scale biomass and anaerobic digestor projects; and, analyzing the greenhouse gas emissions and economic impact from State and regional waste management policies.

As a resource economist she has endeavored to incorporate environmental impacts and related costs into policy and decision making. Natalie holds a BS in Environmental Studies and an MS in Resource Management and serves on the Boards of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance and Ascutney Outdoors, working to connect communities through trails and make outdoor recreation opportunities more accessible.