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Natalie Starr

DSM Environmental Services, Inc., Principal

Win´╗┐dsor, Vermont

Natalie has nearly twenty five years of experience in solid waste management, recycling and resource recovery, and energy consulting including twenty years with DSM Environmental where she is now a Principal. Natalie has worked to improve resource recovery and solid waste management and sanitation throughout the United States as well as in Albania, Bulgaria, South Africa, Tajikistan and Argentina. Some of her recent projects include:

  • Analysis of Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging legislation in Vermont and in Rhode Island as part of a larger stakeholder process involving municipal and state government, environmental groups, private haulers, and grocers, retailers and beverage distributers;
  • Analysis of the (global) impact of land based discharges of plastic on the marine environment for the Natural Resources Defense Council, and of potential strategies to address these discharges;
  • An analysis of the economic impact of recycling and reuse industries in Illinois for the Illinois Recycling Association, and in New England for the Northeast Recycling Council; and,
  • An analysis of the cost allocation model used by the New York Department of Sanitation for recycling and refuse collection costs in New York City for the Natural Resources Defense Council and a look at related carbon impacts from the city’s recycling.

Natalie holds a BS in Environmental Studies and MS in Resource Management with an emphasis on resources economics and hazardous and solid waste management. She serves as Chair of her local conservation commission.

Updated June 2011.