Abigail Corso

Abigail is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Elevate Energy, located in Chicago, Illinois. In this role, she oversees Elevate’s strategy in developing new programs nationwide from energy efficiency, solar, and planning including building up our existing dynamic pricing and flagship multifamily building retrofit programs. Prior to this role, she served as Chief Program Officer and Director of New Market Initiatives, and she was responsible for expanding Elevate’s affordable multifamily energy efficiency programs into new markets outside of the Chicago region including Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Oregon. She brings a variety of skills to Elevate including: business planning; energy efficiency program design; operations and sysems customization; quality assurance planning and implementation; and, communications and outreach.  The programs launched by Elevate in new markets will become part of a national network of affordable multifamily energy efficiency implementers that offer building owners comprehensive energy efficiency services that result in reliable and persistent energy and water savings.

Prior to joining Elevate Energy in 2012, Abigail was a Managing Director at the Delta Institute where with her Delta Institute colleagues Abby developed processes and methods that allow companies to incorporate local eco-system issues into corporate policies in a way that increases environmental stewardship and achieves environmental improvement.

Updated February 2020.