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Alexandra Bauermeister

Social and Environmental Change Consultant, Facilitator and Yoga/Meditation Teacher

Montpelier, Vermont and Boston, Massachusetts

Alex is a Social and Environmental Change Consultant working with leaders, activists, communities, organizations and coalitions in support of people and the planet. Working at the nexus of social justice, environmental sustainability and personal development, Alex is a facilitator who helps individuals and teams increase the positive impacts of their work.

Among many project management skills, Alex specializes in helping diverse groups to:

  • Tackle long-standing issues and tensions with new, transformational approaches
  • Cultivate authentic, high-performance relationships within teams and with stakeholders
  • Address issues of power, privilege, racism and inequity at multiple levels
  • Design innovative social change processes from a systems perspective
  • Find new ways of measuring previously intangible success
  • Connect individuals with tools to leverage emotional intelligence and awareness practice in leadership

Before venturing out on her own, Alex was Senior Program Manager at Center for Whole Communities, where she created capacity-building opportunities for social and environmental change leaders. Prior to that, Alex specialized in the environmental policy and grassroots organizing arena by working to transform American marine fisheries policy with Environmental Defense Fund’s Boston office. Through this work, she experienced and learned incessantly from the friction and inequity between conservation advocates, governmental leaders, and communities. By shifting her work away from the traditional “policy win” model to real community partnership, she built a broad and diverse coalition to merge conservation objectives with community regulatory empowerment.

Alex has had the privilege of educational experiences in the United States, Germany and Switzerland. Her degrees include a Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Development (Brandeis University) and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology (University of Massachusetts, Amherst). Her training includes systems thinking (Donella Meadows Leadership Fellowship), facilitative leadership (Interaction Institute for Social Change), management consulting (Boston Consulting Group), dismantling racism (Center for Diversity and the Environment), values-based program evaluation (Center for Whole Communities’ Whole Measures Program) and yoga and meditation (Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health).

We need not wait to see what others do. – Mahatma Gandhi

Updated January 2012.