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Lorie Loeb

TellEmotion, Inc, Co-Founder and President; DALI Lab, Co-Founder and Executive Director; Dartmouth College, Professor, Director of Digital Arts

Hartland, Vermont

Lorie builds technology tools to help affect change. She gets giddy about the innovation and creativity that happens at the overlap of science, art, visualization and activism. The tools she designs and creates attempt to motivate people through real-time feedback, interactive animation, information visualization and social networking.

Lorie is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation (DALI) Lab, which is a research and development lab focusing on information visualization and social justice.  They utilize human-centered design processes, UI design principles and innovative technology to build tools that aim to make data meaningful and motivate change. The lab is funded by the Neukom Institute for Computational Science and is housed at Dartmouth College.  In just over six months they have nearly 50 students (graduate and undergraduate), 18 partner projects from around the world, and a waiting list of students and projects that is as long as the number of current projects.  One of the projects is an Atrocities Early Warning Project with the US Holocaust Museum and the Center for the Prevention of Genocide.  Another is for a start-up called Clean Marine, whose goal is to motivate ship owners to retrofit their ships to use less and cleaner energy.

Lorie is also the Co-Founder and President of TellEmotion, a start-up inspired by the work of Dana Meadows. TellEmotion displays real-time energy data using animation, goal-setting and interaction in order to provide feedback and encourage sustainable practices through a connection between behavior and its impact on the environment.

Lorie is the Director and Founder of the Digital Arts Minor and a Research Professor in the Computer Science Department at Dartmouth College. She is a resident of Cobb Hill CoHousing in Hartland, VT, where she lives with her family, cat, gecko and thousands of honeybees, who live in hives she helps tend. Before moving to Vermont, Lorie was a Senior Research Scientist at Stanford University, award-winning animator and faculty member at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and the Rhode Island School of Design. Lorie has received both a Fulbright Fellowship and a Whiting Family Fellowship award.

Lorie draws on the Fellows Network to help her articulate ideas more effectively, find inspiration, reconnect with her playful spirit and develop strategies for staying focused in the midst of seeming chaos.

Updated December 2013.