Fellows Network

Matt Roman

Visteon Corporation, Environmental Health and Safety Affairs Manager

Beverly Hills, Michigan

Matt’s role is to design and implement the corporate environmental strategy for both products and manufacturing processes at Visteon, an automotive manufacturing company. In this capacity he has responsibility for helping to communicate best practices for energy efficiency and waste reduction at the manufacturing plants as well as tracking the performance of the company against stated goals through the development and communication of appropriate metrics. His current work also focuses on ways to reduce the use of materials and substances that are potentially harmful to human health and the environment. Matt is also tasked with communicating the role that every employee has in improving the company’s environmental performance.

Regarding his experience as a Fellow, Matt writes that it has “helped unlock within me a level of self awareness and understanding of others that I could not have imagined prior. We all are taught to speak with our mind, it comes from years of learning in our respective fields, the tough part is learning to speak to those same people with our hearts, and this is where the Fellows network is at its best.”

Updated March 2009.