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Nicole Betancourt

Filmmaker, Content Developer, Strategic Advisor

New York City, New York

Nicole believes that stories that increase our empathy and sense of interconnectivity are powerful forces for peace and the preservation our natural world. She creates documentaries, video installations, short videos, websites and community building projects. Her work has shown on domestic and international television, won over a dozen awards, and screened for thousands of community events. Her films have been praised by media around the world, including The New York Times, Variety, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Nicole was the Producer, Director and Videographer for Before You Go (HBO documentary that won an Emmy and a Golden Spire at the San Francisco International Film Festival) about her father who died of AIDS in 1993. She was Producer and Videographer for 90 MILES (POV/PBS), which won Best Documentary at both New York Latino International Film Festival and at Festival de Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano in Cuba.

She has created many short videos for distribution online or for advocacy screenings. In 2018 she directed and edited “Sing The Water Song,” a short music video created with Native American grandmothers to teach women of the world to sing to the water. Her previous shorts include Changing Course about Hurricane Mitch and farming in Central America and two salsa music videos with Jose Conde to motivate Latinos to vote. Nicole was granted a Food and Community Fellowship (funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation) to create the Parent Earth video series (70 shorts) that educate parents about healthy food. She produced short video series for Efran Films including Influencers and Innovation, an eighteen-part series for Huffington Post, and ALIVE, an award-winning six-part series for The Weather Channel.

Her video art work includes Video Designer and Producer for Milk-n-Honey, a multimedia play at 3LD in New York City about food. She was also the Video Artist on a collaborative multi-media performance piece and installation about water in Oaxaca, Mexico.

She worked from 1999 to 2005 as the Creative Director and then Executive Director of MediaRights, a nonprofit organization dedicated to media for social change. While at MediaRights, she launched its online community and built up the award-wining Media That Matters Film Festival. She is a Sustainability Leaders Network Fellow and has served on juries and panels for film institutions and competitions including the Emmy awards and New York State Council of the Arts. Nicole also was Vice President of Membership for the board of New York Women in Film and Television.

As a consultant she advises filmmakers, artists and organizations on programs, fundraising, outreach and creative content. Past clients include International House, The 7 Sisters Project, Becoming Pictures, Hibiscus Films, Radio Diaries, Small Planet Institute, Climate Interactive, Puente de Salud and Ojo de Agua.

Nicole lives in New York City with her husband a sound designer and composer for theater and their two daughters. She loves to travel with her family, have long dinners with friends and be in nature whenever she can.

Selected Videos

Saving Carla

Sing The Water Song- https://vimeo.com/273112273

Influencers and Innovation: Jessica Mathews- https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/influencers-and-innovation-jessica-matthews_us_5b2a68a8e4b07e56fdaa05ff

90 Miles- https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/influencers-and-innovation-jessica-matthews_us_5b2a68a8e4b07e56fdaa05ff


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