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Sarah K Khan

www.sarahkkhan.com, Freelance multimedia journalist, writer, researcher

New York City, New York

Sarah K. Khan researches and writes about food, culture, migration, healthy lifestyles and sustainability. She consults with media outlets, chefs, museum and galleries, NGOs, corporations and government institutions (a list of some of her clients). She has lived and researched in South Asia, China, North and West Africa, Palestine, Europe, and the USA, speaks multiple languages, has formal training in Ayurveda and Hatha yoga education, and teaches about food, culture, migration and stories.

Sarah is a contributor for the award-winning food and culture website, Zester Daily. Her work has also appeared in The Art of Eating. She tells the story behind the migration of people and plants, food, culture and the environment. Often, she highlights the origins, culinary, ethnobotanical and medicinal use, contemporary scientific research, and cultivation practices of a particular spice or food. She employs multiple media (writing, photography, video, and audio) to convey her stories. Her academic research has appeared in The American Botanical Council’s Herbal Gram, The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Integrative Medicine by David Rakel MD, and in The American Journal of Health Education.

Sarah earned two Masters (public health and nutrition) and a PhD (plant sciences) over the years. She left the university setting to pour her passion into food, culture and the arts with The Tasting Cultures Foundation (TCF) Inc., a not-for-profit that she founded in 2009. TCF supports vibrant people-centered educational programming about the multisensory intersection of food and culture. A main focus is “The Arts of Foodways,” a series that highlights artists’ connections to food. Sarah and TCF have curated two exhibitions: one in Charleston, SC on African and African American Foodways, and a second in Milwaukee, WI on Latino Foodways.

Through the lens of food, TCF creates a space where pressing social issues are expressed, explored, supported and celebrated. Via multiple media, TCF supports individuals who are promoting culinary and biocultural diversity. We provide Meal By Meal Seed Grants to innovative individuals and communities, and we curate programs and exhibits to educate about the arts of diverse foodways, and their cultural carriers.

Sarah is available to deliver multimedia undergraduate, graduate, or community lectures on the following topics:

  • Multimedia stories of diverse individuals and how they face rapid climate and environmental changes, Themes include food, culture, migration, and sustainability. 45-90 minutes.
  • Provocative and lively lecture/demonstration on “Mapping the Tongue: Taste and Memory.” Reconnect the senses to memory. 45-90 minutes.
  • A multimedia journey of The Tasting Cultures Foundation, which Sarah founded and directs, presenting the dynamic community projects that past “Meal By Meal” seed grantees have initiated. Grantees are a diverse, national group of artists who work on food and culture; an overview of the “Arts of Foodways Series” of exhibits that occurred in Charleston SC and Milwaukee WI. 45-60 minutes.

Selected Publications
Sarah created a book of poignant photography entitled West African Hands Create Cultivate Cook, available for preview and purchase starting in February, 2014.

Sarah published a three part series on African Origins of Coffee: Following Roots in Ethiopia for Zester Daily, April-May 2013.

Sarah and colleagues wrote an academic article Dietary and built environment assessment in a Midwest Latino community for the American Journal of Health Education in August 2011.

Selected Videos and Podcast
Sarah talks about the Science of Taste, Food, Art and the Senses at University of Wisconsin – Madison in April 2013:


Podcast: Sarah visited Debra Roberts, Natural Beekeeper, Weaverville, NC, August 2012


Sarah interviews Frankie Lee Michael, a Native American Pecan Grower and Processor in Mississippi in 2011:

Updated July 2013.