Steven Smith

For twelve years the Iowa Network for Community Agriculture (INCA) has been fostering connections between farmers and community members who are growing sustainable local food systems in the state. Steve works to assure that each system is shaped and owned by all the local stakeholders in the “food flow” from field to table. Steve is committed with INCA to growing the next generation of farmers and sustainable farms, including helping immigrants and refugees, many who were farmers in their country of origin, to become successful established farmers in local food systems.

As a fifth generation Iowa farmer who himself has made the transition from industrial scale commodities to small farm organics, it is important to Steve that “everybody is welcome at the table.” Insight into productively engaging multiple and often antagonistic stakeholders in a focused process is one thing Steve has gained as a Fellow. His work gives shape to his commitment to sustainable farming, a diversified countryside, and the distributed production of healthy, safe, and secure food available to all.