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Sudha Soni

The Environment Collaborative (TEC), Chief Functionary

Alleyppey, Kerala, India

Sudha has been engaged for more than 14 years in the development/environment/sustainability sectors and for 5 years in her current position as Chief Functionary of The Environment Collaborative (TEC). TEC believes in working collaboratively and networking with similar organizations to bring about social change and to create synergy among them to generate more impact in the chosen area of work. The organization focuses on forest certification, nature education and documentation of indigenous knowledge, and on enabling environmentally sensitive conservation processes that address key issues of water, land, energy, climate change and livelihoods.

Sudha applies the tools of systems thinking and visioning that she learned as a Fellow to her Food and Food Sovereignty Movement in Kerala, on the southern most tip of India. This is a multi stakeholder process that supports communities in adopting healthy food practices and sustainable food systems, leading to food security and an ecologically sustainable community that is in harmony with the whole. She wants to take this movement to the youth and children as they are the future of the world.

Sudha is a science graduate with a MA in Management and in Philosophy.

Updated April 2009.