Fellows Network

Danielle Hirsch

Both ENDS, Director

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Both ENDS supports organizations in developing countries to fight poverty and to work towards sustainable environmental management with thematic focus on Water, Land, and Capital. Both ENDS’ Service Desk helps organizations from developing countries and the former Eastern bloc to find answers to their questions pertaining to development and the environment. As director, Danielle and the Both ENDS team are committed to developing and implementing the organization’s vision in close cooperation with representatives of environmental movements in the global South.

Danielle is applying the learnings and experiences of being a Fellow constantly in her work. For example, vision development is an increasingly important approach for Both ENDS in addressing complex challenges; and systems thinking is a major support tool in discussing sustainability challenges and opportunities with peers, business leaders and government officials.

Previous to working at Both ENDS she was an international consultant specializing in water and coastal zone management policies. Danielle holds a Masters in Development and Environmental Economics.

Updated March 2009.